Where are the FREE nationwide classified where you and post a boat load of ads?

by tyankee7 on July 31, 2013

Post your WANT. It’s like Craigslist, but reversed. And really different. At Ubokia, you’re the rockstar. Post exactly what you want and sellers respond to you. Only talk to sellers you choose.

Question by hypocrisy_central: Where are the FREE nationwide classified where you and post a boat load of ads?
Who knows where one can find free classified ad Web sites that let you post a boat load of stuff, in any catagory with very little restrictions. that don’t keep flagging you like CL. Something like Kaboo or AdOctopuss?

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Answer by priya k
search for that in yahoo such that they will display you lot of website.

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GetFoo July 31, 2013 at 10:22 am

Try USNetAds.com. It is FREE and NO EMAIL CONFIRMATION. The best feature I like is that it allows you to update your ad at anytime so that your ad can be moved to the top like new posting. That is just one button click.

webmasterauto July 31, 2013 at 11:07 am

Here are the largest sites online to place free classified advertising.
There are 14 sites listed below.

http://classifieds.yahoo.com/ Alexa Rank: 1
http://classifieds.myspace.com Alexa Rank: 5
http://www.craigslist.org/ Alexa Rank: 28
http://adlandpro.com/ Alexa Rank: 1,298
http://www.backpage.com Alexa Rank: 2,133
http://www.oodle.com/ Alexa Rank: 5,501
http://www.adpost.com/ Alexa Rank: 6,906
http://www.sell.com/ Alexa Rank: 13,471
http://www.adquest3d.com/ Alexa Rank: 22,252
http://www.chooseyouritem.com/ Alexa Rank: 19,569
http://www.domesticsale.com/ Alexa Rank: 24,207
http://epage.com/ Alexa Rank: 24,834
http://postaroo.com/ Alexa Rank: 43,471


JLMelvin July 31, 2013 at 11:52 am

Free classified adverstising works – but you need to follow a system to make them work!

The site below outlines a marketing plan using free classifieds, plus it provides you with a directory of the best free classifieds available.


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