What are good ways to advertise my website for free?

by tyankee7 on March 19, 2013

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Question by Al dia: What are good ways to advertise my website for free?
Any ways that I can advertise my website for free??

Anything helps! Thanks in advance

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Answer by orestes_returns
Web ads are never free, unfortunately, but you can make YouTube videos, post on message boards, make a Facebook Group for your site (and request fans), make a twitter for your site (and request followers), and that sort of thing. You could also print up a bumper sticker and put it on your car or something. There are plenty of little creative ways like that…. but unfortunately, paid ads work the best.

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Kevin March 19, 2013 at 10:34 pm

The best place to advertise your website for free is website directories and website classifieds. Provided they are not hate sites, porn or anything illegal. There is also free software online to help you register your site quickly with hundreds of high rank directories and classifieds. Most directories simply request a link exchange which you can create a web page for just that. Just go to google and type in free directory submitter software. same for classifieds. Of course everyone will try to sell you something but usually you can find some decent software for free to help people and web spiders find your site quickly.

HemetLeather.com March 19, 2013 at 10:56 pm

This takes a little work on your part but it works it gave me 500 new visits in 5 days and 10,000 the first month. it has been growing for the past few months. Check it out.

Jake March 19, 2013 at 11:19 pm

hey i have a pretty good site for you, it is called traffic swarm
they advertise your site for free whenever you want them too
heres a link if you want to check it out

RICHARD March 19, 2013 at 11:32 pm

Hello Al Dia,

There are several ways to advertise your website for free.
1.) Write some helpful tips for Internet browsers and ask other
webmasters to place them on their website for FREE.

In exchange, tell them you’ll place an article on your website with a link to their
website for free.

At the bottom of each tip, place a signature with a short message
about your company and include your website address.

2.) Write an article about your specialty and place it on your website.
Add a link to the website article, and send a short teaser e-mail
message to prospects, with the link attached.

For example:

“How To Prevent Getting Struck By Lighting”
If you’re outside, and there’s a lightning storm,
don’t stand next to a tree.

To find out why, read the rest of the article at:
(include link)
From: richardw11001@yahoo.ca
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