My free classifieds website is being destroyed by Indian Spam?

by tyankee7 on April 20, 2012

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Question by Eric W: My free classifieds website is being destroyed by Indian Spam?
I own a free classifieds website in the US. It is PHP Smarty. The site has been over run by Indian spammers. I have also noticed that our URL has been added to “free” classified posters that submit spam to hundreds of free classifieds sites. I am having to delete hundreds of spam everyday. I have contacted some of these companies that are spamming our site. There’s no ryhyme or reason. These spammers are using companies or URL’s in the body of theirs ads that aren’t their own, nor are they even related to them, or members of an affiliate program. Other spam is clearly used for SEO purposes. I can’t block the IP address because they just change them. They are using auto registration gmail accounts.

What can I do to combat this onslaught of spam from a functionality standpoint? We have a captcha that clearly has been mapped, any other ideas to stop, limit, and ease the spam??

Thanks for your insight!

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