Free Classifieds, What features are most important?

by tyankee7 on June 1, 2011

Post your WANT. It’s like Craigslist, but reversed. And really different. At Ubokia, you’re the rockstar. Post exactly what you want and sellers respond to you. Only talk to sellers you choose.

Question by Tony S: Free Classifieds, What features are most important?
I am creating Free Classifieds for Locally and US, What would interest you the most in Posting ads and finding what you would like?

CacheClassifieds is currently being revamped and Taking all requests and suggestions, feel free to email
You may also ask for the temperary Link to the Logan/USU, Cache, Utah, USA classified postings via that email

Best answer:

Answer by Enam
1. Ease of posting
2. Ease of browsing
3. Anti-Spam fighting.

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