Free ads classifieds website dog scam?

by tyankee7 on October 3, 2011

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Question by hihosilver666: Free ads classifieds website dog scam?
has anyone been looking to buy a puppy in the uk from the above site? be very careful of the scams, they can be spotted by the awful grammar, and the fact that the dog is way below price. When you contact them they are always in a remote part of the UK, and they ask you to pay a “delivery service” who will bring the dog to you, only there is no dog, it happens mostly on free ads, but I have also seen it on epupz.
please don’t get caught.

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Answer by gentleannie
I don’t live in UK but I hope the people on here read your post, It could really help allot of people, good thinking, hope you didn’t get stuck.

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Daddy October 4, 2011 at 12:00 am

I don’t live in the UK, but I can tell you this, alot of people have been getting scammed in the US. People automatically see a free bulldog puppy ad or free yorkie ad and they automatically think, ” Oh, this is a great deal !” but they never know there getting conned until it’s too late.

Buying a puppy or dog off the internet is a risk. You can either get the dog or not and that is why more people should either go to a shelter or rescue group or even a reputable breeder to get a puppy.

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