When advertising as an affiliate is it more profitable to place the ad on free ad sites?

by tyankee7 on February 21, 2012

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Concern by oceanfloor03: When marketing as an affiliate is it a lot more rewarding to area the advert on free advert sites?
Is beginning my possess world wide web web page simpler and location ads for that or really should I promote to person sites?which would produce more targeted traffic?I am hunting to market totally free, any tips?

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Reply by Henrik B
Normally totally free advertisement internet sites are not quite efficient.
If you are serious about earning money I advocate you get your possess domain and website/ web site. If you never have the income use Myspace and other social networking web sites exactly where you can location commercials on your profile web page and/or create an write-up relevant to the product you are advertising and submit it to the post directories and consist of your link in the source box beneath the article (use http://www.shorturl.com or similar program) so folks do not see it is an affiliate hyperlink.

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