What’s the best website for free advertising?

by tyankee7 on March 28, 2012

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Concern by Anita S: What is the very best website for free advertising?
I have a Tupperware Fundraising website, and want to know what’s the greatest way to promote without placing out a lot of funds:


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Any individual have suggestions for what’s worked finest for them?


Finest solution:

Reply by donaldnetzel
I would try out Yahoo Geocities. It worked for me. I started & owned & operated my individual journey agency from home on the internet & I got a number of cost-free internet sites from Geocities. Keep in mind, you can use them to get numerous cost-free sites & you use them for free advertising. I made quite a little bit in commissions by marketing my sites.

Just go to the site geocities & adhere to their directions on making a cost-free website. The instructions are quite simple to adhere to & it only takes a few minutes. Because I have seen your own internet site I know you might be educated on the internet & internet so generating your individual totally free geocities web sites really should be very straightforward for you. Just don’t forget, you can make multiple internet sites for this sort of factors as promoting distinct goods or companies to offer & you can also promote your specials.

1 very outstanding way that I found to make funds employing these geocities web sites is that you can forward or connect these sites to your e-mails & your potential buyers will see your sites when they go through your e-mails.

Use e-commerce to make money. Find a focus on market place that you can e-mail & display your web sites to. If your effective, you’ll be attracting prospective buyers to your websites in no time at all. It labored for me. E-Commerce & E-mail is a great deal far better than telephone calls or the normal mail U. S. Publish Place of work it saves on stamps.

You ought to also create some kind e-mail letters that you can deliver your likely clients with your connected web sites. These sort e-mails can be saved & then you just have to lower & paste them to your website with each and every e-mail handle that you ship them as well.

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Mitch H. March 28, 2012 at 11:35 pm

Another very effective method would be to use social networking such as online forums. Do a search for forums in your niche, such as fund raising, or tupperware, or for a forum with a theme for which you are raising funds. Joing and contributing in forums is one of the very best ways to generate free targeted traffic. I use that method for my online business, and I get great results. Make sure you have a signature file with links back to your site.

Once a member of a couple of forums, or as many as you feel you can keep up with, LOL, as you contribute meaningful posts and articles, you will build trust in the other forum members, and they will click the links in your signature file to visit your site to find out more about you. Also, every time you post a comment in a forum, your signature file leaves a back link to your website. Search engines see these links and over time you build page rank which translates to more visitors.

Now, you cannot overtly advertise in most forums, but since you are a fundraiser, there may be forums that allow you to do so, because they know it will help whatever charity you are raising money for. Either way, this is a very effective method of getting website traffic.

Hope this helped,
Mitch H.

Jesus C March 28, 2012 at 11:47 pm

If you want Free advertising than you can go almost anywhere. I only know of 1 place that gives you FREE, Unlimited, and PERMANENT advertising, that site is SwaggerSpot.com . all other places usually have deadlines

Tyrone H March 29, 2012 at 12:08 am


There are many ways to market a small business on the web. You can buy banner ads, text links, or use PPC. However, the best way is to get listed in a bunch of portals. Portals and directories are like phone books, and they often provide a lot of traffic because they tend to rank high on Google.

This portal is giving away a free business card holder for lising your business (I got mine a few days ago in the mail). If you want to know about some other portals, just let me know.


Best of Luck

http://www.Affiliate-Lite.com March 29, 2012 at 12:35 am

I absolutely guarentee this will work for you. So much so that if you’re not 100% happy you’ll get a 100% refund – no questions asked.


Linda d March 29, 2012 at 1:30 am

Advertise your website on free classifieds, relevant forums and social networking websites. Monitor the response you get periodically to find out what works best. From http://ad5.info

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