What would be the best web site that allows free advertising?

by tyankee7 on May 7, 2012

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Question by Elias K: What would be the best web site that allows free advertising?

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Answer by dream_to_death
Well,to tell you the truth there is no website that is best.Any where you have a space that is free and you find people which can be potential customers,post on it..you can opt for forums ,usenet groups ,etc. where you find free ad opportunities!!Otherwise go for auction….

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Johnny B May 7, 2012 at 7:32 am

Free websites dont get the coverage so try this one:

Marketing Your Website

This site has a permanent website listing basis for you:

By listing your website details on a search index like this it gets spidered throughout the Internet better increasing your overall website search results in the search engines. People find your site better when they enter a search term.

Also this site has PERMANENT website listings so you don’t have to update on a regular basis like most other sites. Choose the right category and target your viewers. It always takes some time for the main search engines to update you into their databases. But this is the best way into them. There’s around 750 different categories to choose from to target your website listing. They only charge a small one off fee for a permanent listing. http://www.search-the-world.com
You normally get listed in a day or two.

Sharing Mind May 7, 2012 at 7:32 am

i don’t think there is any particular site that would be the best to advertise for free. the best way of utilizing free advertising model is to make your ads available in as many site you. so if you need to advertise for free at some free sites you can check out my site and go to directory section.

booksmart May 7, 2012 at 8:13 am

Hi Elias,

I have an online business and I am always looking for low cost methods to advertise.

If you are looking to get quick response and are on a budget, you can try the following: These are some of the best I use on a regular basis.

You should place fr*ee classified ads at Direct Matches and head over to Adland Pros, which is similar to Direct Matches.

You will find various categories where you can place your classified ads…just pick the ones that are the most suitable.

These are excellent online communities that are fr*ee to join and you can advertise your business or opportunity and get it in front of many eyes.

They also have a very good traffic exchange that you should join. Just read the instructions to join the traffic exchange.
This is another fr*ee method to increase traffic to your site.

The best traffic exchange is Traffic Swarm. ….traffic exchanges are very good to get your ads in front of many eyes. Just participate in the fr*ee exchanges. It is based on surfing the net and viewing other participating advertisers and you receive credits. The more credits you have, the more your ad is shown to the traffic exchange members.

Go to forums, including the ones at Direct matches and Adland Pro. Post to forums…do not do blatant advertising or you will get banned. Set up a signature file and put you website there. Some forums have specific areas for fr*ee ads…use those, too.

You should place classified ads at sites, such as http://www.Craigslist.com and http://www.backpage.com These are fr*ee to place ads. You can target a local market. Just make sure that you change the ads a bit if you are going to place more than one for different locations.

Good luck and let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

The URL’s to join the various sites can be found below in the source box.

Regards, Marc

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