What are some good ways to advertise offline?

by tyankee7 on December 21, 2012

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Question by Y!: What are some good ways to advertise offline?
I offer a service for local businesses. I’ve tried advertising on CraigsList and other online classifieds, but no luck. I’ve also tried telemarketing, but again, no luck.

What are some other ways to advertise offline?

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Answer by AmandaG
Word of mouth, visiting businesses that may benefit from your services, newspaper/local paper/flier ads, you could probably post fliers on public bulletin boards as well. Some grocery stores/college campuses in the area may have bulletin boards that you could advertise on for free – without knowing what your services are, it’s hard for me to tell whether this is a medium that would work for you!

Online, you could advertise via a blog, website, or other web promotion. www.projectwonderful.com allows you to post ads on other peoples sites through bidding.. it’s worked for my online store!

Best of luck.

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