Q&A: Where are the opportunities for Free Advertising?

by tyankee7 on December 6, 2011

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Question by Aviation E: Where are the opportunities for Free Advertising?
Being a part of paid advertiser, we are interested in advertising for free for company located in Chennai and also free advertising internationally as well. Grateful if someone could share their realistic and workable solution in this regard.
We take this opportunity to thank every positive answerer for their valuable time and remarks for our above requirement.
We wish them all good luck and God Bless. Warm regards

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Answer by Breanna C
I’m not sure I completely understood your question, do you want to get free advertising for your company, or do you want to give free advertising for some other gain in your organization? What type of products or services are you looking to promote?

I don’t know that there really is such a thing as free advertising, but there are certainly a lot of advertising routes that require less overhead but more work. The best free advertising comes from networking with other professionals and organizations, as well as grass roots types of things such as hosting or speaking at events.

Other than that, your options are to post to free websites such as craigslist.org in various areas that you would like to create awareness.

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barry w December 6, 2011 at 5:54 pm

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