Q&A: What is the best method for getting Canadian visitors to a new site for FREE?

by tyankee7 on January 20, 2013

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Question by Melissa P: What is the best method for getting Canadian visitors to a new site for FREE?
I just started a website dedicated to Canadians. It is all freebies, contests and coupons. I got sick of all the sites claiming to be for Canadians then only having 2 or 3 offers for us, while the rest were for US. Anyway, I do not want to spend any money to advertise free stuff. What is the best method?

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Answer by thinkingtime
Set up your key words at the beginning of your html code with such words as Canada, Canadian, free, offer,coupon… so that search engines can find you. Also make sure that there are these words, not images, at the start of the page for the same reason.

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Karen C January 20, 2013 at 3:30 am

Learn how to optimize your site for the search engines and you have to send them your url so they can spider it the first time. The other se will eventually pick it up. You can pay to learn or you can teach yourself. There is a mass of stuff – just search for “SE Opimization” Here is a bunch of articles that might give you some ideas

Create a signature. Something catchy with your URL under it.
A dollar saved is a dollar earned!
Penny Wise@ abc.com
Put it on every email you send out – even jokes to friends.Make labels with your complete url and put one on anything you mail by snail mail like your phone bill payment or whatever.

Trade links with others – Here’s one you can look at where you might get more traffic if they had your link somewhere. You would have to write them to get their approval and you would have to put there link somewhere on your site

Create an opt in list for a newsletter – that brings visitors coming back.

There are lots of ways of spreading the word. Read some of those articles to get more ideas.

Email me with your url. I’ll put it on our bulletin board – lots of people where I live (Ottawa) look for those types of sites.

Hope this helps

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