Q&A: What are some good free marketing/advertising things to do?

by tyankee7 on August 21, 2012

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Question by Brian S: What are some good free marketing/advertising things to do?
I am a comedian that was just hired to do a comedy bus tour in Nashville. We are a start up company. The bus tour business here is ridiculous. There is definitly a market for us. We just hired a guy to help with marketing, but I was just curious if anyone has any good cheap/free ideas that we may not have thought of yet.

Thanks! Oh in case anyone cares and comes to Nashville:

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Answer by cheerios
Get on social networks, facebook, twitter, myspace. Internet is a great source for free advertising. Put an ad on craigslist. See if there are any meetings or events in the area the day you stop on tour and see if you can do a 5 minute show, so people can preview. Give away a couple free tickets, too.

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Jennifer G August 21, 2012 at 12:53 am

There are three things I’d do right now:

1. Launch a free reprint rights article campaign on sites like http://www.ezinearticles.com and others like them.

2. Submit press releases or already written articles to your local news scene magazines

3. Write a free eBook or white paper for lead generation efforts.

If you could use some help with this, please let me know!

Mike August 21, 2012 at 1:33 am

Hey Brian!

Good way to start is to advertise online. There are many free ways. You can write articles, create videos, join communities like facebook or digg, and even write some books.

But since you are a comedian Brian, the best way to go is to add videos to Youtube doing your stand up comedy. The great thing is that if you are really funny, people will share it with theri friends and you will blow your competition out of the water.
_Good Luck

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