Q&A: How to advertise for free on yahoo?

by tyankee7 on February 16, 2013

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Question by aburnettst: How to advertise for free on yahoo?
I have bridal invitation business and would like to advertise and list it on Yahoo. What must I do?

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Answer by Jake
I don’t know of any free methods there, they have a self serve paid ad system much like Google Adsense, the Yahoo directory charges a $ 299 yearly review fee for listing prospects.

You can learn more under the Products tab of the Yahoo Advertising pages

You can get a free Yahoo local business page as well as a Google Places page (they get some 65% of searches) providing you have a business street address these pages are easily found by searches within your community.

Free advertising is usually had by having a site that ranks in search results, by using SEO techniques.

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