Q&A: Hi, I need to know of any other free online advertising company besides Craigslist?

by tyankee7 on September 7, 2012

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Question by ♥Mz Business Woman♥: Hi, I need to know of any other free online advertising company besides Craigslist?
Any info is appreciated.

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Answer by Michelle H

Sure, there are PLENTY of free online advertising agencies.

None that you should waste your time on, though.

I’d suggest this:

1. Become an expert on the subject.
Most people are not doing this, so you’ll have an edge up. Start marketing yourself in forums, chatrooms, and blogs as an expert on whatever your website’s subject is. Find out why your product, service, or website is better than anyone else’s. (Then tell other people that!)

2. Give away tons of free samples of your product.
With online websites, it’s really easy to find 100000 websites that sell or do the same thing. Make people able to TRUST your website by giving away your product for free, and then by having people write back in and saying how well it’s worked for them. Otherwise, they won’t trust you, and they’ll just leave.

3. Come up with, and market, your USP.
(Unique Selling Point) You need to show people why you’re better than anyone else!Anyways, I hoped this helped. This stuff is just the TIP of the iceberg of marketing!

Good luck!


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