please help me find ways to distribute hard advertising for free?

by tyankee7 on June 30, 2012

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Question by Rubiorojizo: please help me find ways to distribute hard advertising for free?
how can i distribute tangible advertising (flyers/posters/ business cards etc..)
i know coffee shops, stores and posting them up are ok but who actually picks them up.. i want sneaky ways to distribute the ads, i was thinking things like slipping them into newspapers, and mags in stores but i don’t know how illegal that is in diff counties.

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Answer by req-info-ehealth
I wish to suggest you to mail them (address you can pick from Directory / Yellow pages / White pages)….for the flyers I still feel that you use e-mail system, if some one will need to print, he/she can print onto color printer.

If you feel that advertising material is for young children then go to school / college / university.

Go to Hospital distribute their do not forget the employees will pick up your flyers and also go to public libraries

Try senior citizen home also.

As far as the legal system is concern pls take advice from lawyer / or Attorney.

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Montrealer June 30, 2012 at 9:09 am

It’s usually illegal to ‘piggy-back’ your ads into another medium (newspapers, mags) without their consent and without compensating them.

You could stand in front of a place that caters to your target market and hand out fliers (bars for college students, grocery stores for moms and pops).

There are bulletin boards in some large organizations and stores. Ask if you could post your fliers there (for workplaces, ask someone who works there). Some grocery stores and pharmacies have bulletin boards.

Small shops, salons and boutiques will often accommodate local advertising pasted in their windows, as long as these business are not located in a mall (malls restrict such practices). Go to a local clinic and put some fliers on their magazine table.

Ask a grocery store or a small take out place if you could place some in their bags. Offer to bag groceries for free while you’re placing them in bags if they resist. (I have had a lot of success with this one in the past).

Try posting on lampposts and bus stops (make sure that there are no warnings posted telling you not to do so).

Go to a large parking lot and place them under the wipers.

Hand them out to people leaving regular religious services. Go to a bazaar or flee market. Walk into a restaurant and ask if you could distribute to the patrons. When you get on a bus, hand them out to the passengers.

In all these suggestions, consider your target buyer (age, likes/dislikes, product).

The Game June 30, 2012 at 9:15 am


You can try craiglist posting for your area, it will give good advertising..

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