I have a free yahoo site, is there an advertising program like google for yahoo?

by tyankee7 on August 25, 2012

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Question by parentingguide: I have a free yahoo site, is there an advertising program like google for yahoo?
I am wanting to make money at my free yahoo site by advertising, similar to the google adsense program. Is there a program like that with yahoo.

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Answer by michael v
Go to yahoo business an do a lot of research, Thats what i did.

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imisidro August 25, 2012 at 10:19 pm

Yes, Yahoo has a contextual advertising program similar to Adsense. It is called Yahoo! Publishing Network but it is currently in beta and available to US publishers only http://publisher.yahoo.com/ . Fill out their application form and wait for their invitation to participate.

Other alternative contextual advertising networks that you may want to consider other than Adsense and YPN are as follows:

Intellixt http://vibrantmedia.com/site/web_01a5.htm
Quigo Adsonar http://www.quigo.com/adsonarexchange.htm
IndustryBrains http://www.industrybrains.com
Commission Junction Evolution http://www.cj.com
Kanoodle Brightads http://www.kanoodle.com/about/brightads.html
Clicksor http://www.clicksor.com/affiliate_programs.php
Contextweb http://www.contextweb.com/
Bidclix http://www.bidclix.com/

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