I am trying to get some free advertising for my eBay business that will generate traffic.?

by tyankee7 on May 7, 2012

Post your WANT. It’s like Craigslist, but reversed. And really different. At Ubokia, you’re the rockstar. Post exactly what you want and sellers respond to you. Only talk to sellers you choose.

Question by SANDRA H: I am trying to get some free advertising for my eBay business that will generate traffic.?
Does anyone have any recomendations?

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Answer by Waqas
go to a search engine and find some free classified ads website and post your add there.
it’s work very well i also try it.

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Doctor Deth May 7, 2012 at 7:59 am

related forums (Yahoo, Delphi), newsgroups (Google Groups) – no guarantee they will help, but tehy are free

Dil Hara May 7, 2012 at 8:22 am

The opportunities for getting free advertising for your product

or services are limited only by your own imagination and

energies. There are so many proven ways of promoting your

objectives without cost that it literally boggles the mind just

to think of listing them.

One way is to write an article relative to your particular

expertise and submit it to all the publications and media dealing

in the dissemination of related information. In other words,

become your own publicity and sales promotions writer. Get the

word out; establish yourself as an expert in your field, and

“tag-along” everything you write with a quick note listing your

address for a catalog, dealership opportunity, or more


Another really good way is by becoming a guest on as many of the

radio and television talk shows or interview type programs as

possible. Actually, this is much easier to bring about than most

people realize. Write a letter to the producer of these programs,

then follow up an in-person visit or telephone call. Your initial

contact should emphasize that your product or service would be of

interest to the listeners or viewers of the program–perhaps even

saving them time and money.

Other ways of getting free or very inexpensive exposure include

the posting of advertising circulars on all free bulletin boards

in your area, especially the coin-operated laundries, grocery

stores, and beauty and barber shops. Don’t discount the idea of

handing out circulars to all the shoppers in busy shopping

centers and malls, especially on weekend. You can also enlist the

aid of the middle school students in your area to had out

circulars door-to-door.

Some of the more routine methods include having a promotional ad

relative to your product or service printed on the front or back

of your envelopes at the time you have them printed with your

return address.


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