How to conduct a background check that doesn’t cost ANY money?

by tyankee7 on August 7, 2013

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Question by nunya: How to conduct a background check that doesn’t cost ANY money?
I’m tired of running through site after site of scumbag companies that advertise free background checks and then charge a minimum of 30 bucks for what is basically public information (and often pretty useless because it’s usually inaccurate). How do I find the information for free? If you get on here advertising a free public records search site that actually charges money, I hope you get scabies.

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Answer by Ed Fox
You appear rather immature or at least naive if you somehow believe that a website offering a specialized and complex service involving sensitive data is some kind of charity offering the service totally for free.
The site does not appear by magic.
There are people behind the scenes (a) collecting the information (b) collating the information (c) double checking it for accuracy (d) actually placing it carefully on the site. These operatives are not robots working for free. They are human beings doing a job of work and expecting to earn their living (get paid for the job they do).
This i why legitimate sites charge users for the service offered

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lucy August 7, 2013 at 7:59 am

The only way you will get if for free, is to get hired for a job that does a background check. For an potential employer to have a background check done, they will pay for it and most will send you a notice after done that you can access it for free w/in 30 days to see that they found.

And yes, what you find out there is crap and most of it is not true, that is the reason that SOMEONE, either you, or a employer pays for it to get “legitimate” information that must be researched and validated.

good luck

michr August 7, 2013 at 8:12 am

the only way to get this for free is to do the work yourself……
you can search the government databases by name, aliases, address, previous address, date of birth, drivers license, other state issued licenses (such as nursing, CPA etcetera), and social security number just like these companies do….

all of the most common background checks just involve public records, very few employers pay for actual investigations to do be done (although some do for some jobs)

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