How do big companies take advantage of free advertising?

by tyankee7 on April 14, 2011

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Question by : How do big companies take advantage of free advertising?
Please provide a way that big companies use to advertise for free. The way has to be a way that the average internet marketer could also use for free. I mean things like social networking/bookmarking, backlinking, blog posts, etc except what big companies use.

I am asking this question because I am on a search to find the best ways to advertise for free.

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Answer by Jack Coleman
Hi Jacob,

Realistically the only way to advertise for free is by self-promotion. You have to spend time writing reviewsfor your product/company/blog and manually linking people to it on other websites until it catches on. e.g. managing a blog on tumblr and linking back to it. Try writing guest articles on other sites that are similar to the business.

Big companies rarely use any free advertising – They spend millions of dollars each year promoting their products for a reason. They can however using social networking effectively for free because a lot of people have already heard about them and will want to follow them. For a small company starting out this is hard to mimic because no-one is going to search to find you if they haven’t heard of your name.

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