How can I advertise my website for free?

by tyankee7 on September 30, 2013

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Question by lopolop: How can I advertise my website for free?
I made a website using webs, and i sent it in already to google and afew others, but I need more advertising done.

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Answer by confused
I can advertise for you. My price is $ 1 for life.

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I can make a section for you, and post around the web where your site would be appropriate. I post A LOT. so your link will defiantly get around. Message me at for details.

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sunnygc September 30, 2013 at 9:51 am

one of the greatest tools to drive traffic to your site is via article marketing. The main article marketing site is ezinearticles. I’ve written 66 articles on there and over the last year over 11,500 people have viewed those articles and over 13% of those come back to my site.

Next best is video marketing.

Jube D September 30, 2013 at 10:35 am

Some of the answers will help. Building traffic to your website is a constant thing. Expect to spend about 1 hour a day if you want your website to grow. You can do a paid advertising with adwords by Google or you could do articles, blogs and other things on the internet that mention your website. This will cause some folks to go to your site. But what you really need to do is be sure your website has content, something of value for the visitor so they will return.

Getting links from other websites, doing a podcast, having a newsletter on your site, having contests and surveys also help traffic. Are you doing social media and helping other people? Helping other people is the best way on the web to get traffic to your site. Help a fellow on the net and they may visit your site, at least they won’t mark you as a spammer and tell everyone to avoid your site!
Net Media Consultant

Rua September 30, 2013 at 10:57 am

Some good free ways to create traffic that I have been successful with are as follows

My top 5

1. Social Bookmarking – bookmark your own sites or use submission service such as social maker

2. Article Marketing – create good articles about your niche then submit to the major article directories such as E zine Articles.

3. Yahoo Answers – Go ahead and answer some question about the subject your website is about, this technique is highly targeted because you know the people are interested in your niche otherwise they wouldn’t be asking questions about it.

4.Classified ads – Create an ad for your website, and post it to some classifies such as one of the biggest site USfreeads

5. Create short video clips of your site, make a slide show of your front page, or yourself in front of the camera explaining what you do, and submit it to You tube, or use a free service called Tube-mogul which will submit your video to numerous video sites.

Or you could build a content theme based website based on something you love or knowledgeable about using tools that provide you with keyword research of what people are typing into Google with stats on search volume and competition, I use SBI for this.

Anyway I listed the sites below for you to research into..
Goodluck with your business.

TonyM September 30, 2013 at 11:21 am

I’ll keep it short as all the info you need is in a free ebook that you can download at

Basically it leverages off social sites in a very clever way and gets huge amounts of traffic to your site for no money.

Take a look it really is a terrific read and pretty easy to follow and implement.

I hope that gets you going. Nothing more depressing than a web site with no traffic!

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