Has anybody out there used the Mathew Lesko free money guides?

by tyankee7 on January 3, 2013

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Question by Rick D: Has anybody out there used the Mathew Lesko free money guides?
Has anybody out there ever bought and used those Mathew Lesko free money guides that advertise ways to get all kinds of free govenment money? Are they worth it? Or is it a rip-off?

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Answer by Joe
There are many scam artists who claim it is easy to get money from the federal government. The most famous is Matthew Lesko, “the answer guy.” They try to make money off you selling books or bogus services. Never pay someone to find you a grant.

It is hard for individuals to get grants from the Federal government. If you are a expert you can get grants to study spotted owls, or help underprivileged children, but in general these grants are given to organizations, not individuals.

You can go to these free government sites in the sources below to learn about grants, but I doubt you will find any you qualify for

Truthfully, there are only two types of government grants that people are likely to qualify for. First, there is Welfare, which is a type of government grant. Second, you can sometimes get government grants (scholarships) to go to school. Other than that, it is unlikely you will get a government grant.

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