Free or cheap ways to advertise a small business?

by tyankee7 on January 17, 2013

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Question by Ms. MD: Free or cheap ways to advertise a small business?
What are some free or cheap ways to advertise a small business? My husband and I just started a pressure washing company. We have started a Facebook page and we have handed out many flyers. Business has started off good but it has really started to slow down a bit so we think we need to find different ways to advertise. Any ideas?

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Answer by DD
Facebook can be pretty effective. There are lots of ways to advertise for free online such as Facebook, blogs, articles, social networks (niches), posting to forums that have even the slightest thing in common with your business, or e-mail signatures. But you can also leave fliers or business cards on community boards, make business T-Shirts and wear them, maybe even leave your business card in a magazine or library book. Even the smallest form of advertisement is still a form of advertisement. Hope it helps.

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