Do you require a website to advertise your business?

by tyankee7 on February 1, 2013

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Question by Martyn: Do you require a website to advertise your business?
Do you have a business that needs a website to promote your unique brand, products and services? I can build a website for free from scratch to advertise your new business. If you are interested please reply.

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Answer by Gichuki
Hello Martyn,
I happy you can author a website. Many people are intimidated at putting up a website and sending traffic to it. I personally do not require the services but I would advice to join LinkedIn (it is free) and create you profile in computers/internet and marketing sections. Then join 17 groups – this has been recommended by Hubspot – and participate in at least 3 discussions per day. You will soon start rejecting some of the assignments that will come your way. All professionals hang out at LinkedIn.

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